Letter to the Apple Mail Santa Claus

Grégoire Seither gregoire at pobox.com
Wed Dec 18 02:55:12 PST 2002

Hello all,

I'm still having problems with Apple Mail and since I cannot get the 
Import from Mail to work in Entourage, it looks like I am stuck with 
this program...

1 ) The delete function is inconsistent. I only use the Delete key on 
my keyboard. I browse through the various folders and hit delete when a 
message is uninteresting.

Some of the messages end up in the Trash folder, others just disapear.

A couple of minutes ago, I opened a folder, did a "select all" 
(control-A) and hit the delete key. The 50 messages should have ended 
in the trash, right ? well they didn't, they're just gone. And even 
though I have done nothing since hitting the delete key, the "Undo" 
function is not available...  this is very dangerous in the case 
someone deletes an important message by mistake and discovers he can't 
get it back

In the next version of Apple Mail it would be nice if deleted messages 
all end up in the Trash and the user could then decide by himself if he 
wants to empy the trash or retrieve some messages.

2) The accounts Preference Pane is wobbly and actually even dangerous. 
I sometimes need to send mail from my home address Greg Seither 
<gregoire at pobox.com>  and sometimes from my work address Production PAO 
<prod at hexa.com> - both on the same computer and both using the same POP 
and SMTP settings. Mail doesn't like that and in one instance crashed, 
taking the contents of the Inbox with it (thanks God for Apple Backup 
on that one :-)

3) The HTML rendering is still unstable. For instance, when I receive 
an Apple Store newsletter I can click on link images (i.e. an image 
containing a link), the same links in the Apple Quicktime newsletter 
are not recognized. The cursor changes but the click does not activate 
anything. If I open the message in Outlook, no problem. Many other HTML 
messages are either not rendered or do not allow to click on links.

4) An "Index" button that allows to set indexing to manual.

4) An export script that works - for instance a script that would 
export the contents of selected mailboxes to a FileMaker file.

Oh well, let's see what the upgrade will bring... I've been a good boy 
this year Santa :-)


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