[X Newbies] finds server in os 9 but not in os10.

Jerry Krinock dearjerry at mindspring.com
Sun Dec 29 21:08:27 PST 2002

on 02/12/29 17:55, tom at twinoaks.org at tom at twinoaks.org wrote:

> Hi,
> running a 1 gig quicksilver. OS 10.1.2    I access the internet through
> a wintel network via ethernet.  when I try to get to the net using both
> opera 6.0 or explorer that came with OS X I am told that the server
> could not be found.  When I am in classic Opera 5 and explorer both
> connect to the net.
OS X connects to the net using different preferences from those used by OS
9.  In the Apple menu, select System Preferences, then click on Network.
Compare these with what you see in your OS 9 TCP/IP Control Panel.


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