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David Boag spikedds at bellsouth.net
Mon Jul 28 21:25:56 PDT 2003

Actually very simple, and for several reasons.

First, there have been a number of buyouts of smaller software 
companies by larger ones who end up widowing the small product in favor 
of their bigger one in the past 5 years. Not that that is a horrible 
thing if it works, but my practice will be progressive, and I need my 
software to grow with me.

Second, there really are no viable products for the Mac. Hate to say 
it, but there aren't.

Third, and most importantly, I am doing an all-digital office: digital 
photography, digital x-rays, no charts--all in the computer, and I'll 
be scanning all paper and x-rays brought in. There never has been a Mac 
product that does that. Drives me nuts too, because the Mac platform 
would be perfect, but any such attempt gets squashed by the big boys.

As much as my practice will be dependent on that computer system, it 
BETTER not be widowed, and it better be updated regularly and have good 
support. I'm spending nearly 50K on this stuff...I can't afford risk on 
a small app.

Ask your dentist how viable a Mac PM package is today. They used to be 
better, but now they are all but gone.


On Monday, July 28, 2003, at 09:01  PM, Mac OS X Newbies wrote:

>> Please keep in mind that I use a G4 tower/OS X
>> at home, but my new dental office will have PC's only running 
>> Wn2000Pro
>> and XP.
> Silly question but I have to ask: Why Windows in your office? My doctor
> has a network of Macs, one laptop in each room!
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