[X Newbies] Sound dies - restart without reboot?

Gregory Cortelyou chefgreg at mac.com
Thu Jun 26 09:57:27 PDT 2003

On 6/26/03 11:57 AM, "Steven Rogers" <srogers1 at austin.rr.com> wrote:
> I'm using Monsoon USB speakers.
> I tried switching sound to "built in" and that didn't work - but I just
> went back to check that it works now and noticed that the built in
> volume was turned all the way down.  I'll check that next time my sound
> croaks.
> At first, I thought it was associated with iChat, because it seemed to
> be the application that was needing to make a sound when the sound quit
> - but lately I've had it croak when iChat isn't up. I can't correlate
> it to any application or anything I'm doing. Last night it quit in the
> middle of iMovie.
> SR
I tried playing around with all those sound settings too. I never associated
the sound loss to any particular application, and I almost never use ichat
on this computer which is an older G4 sawtooth. Seems like it might be a USB
issue that relates only to the sound. There are a very few other people who
describe the same symptoms, but nobody has an answer. Do you live in Austin?
I lived there years ago when it was still small. I miss it.

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