[X Newbies] OSX not dial-up friendly

Kevin Stevens Kevin_Stevens at pursued-with.net
Wed Sep 24 11:54:31 PDT 2003

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Eugene Lee wrote:

> But Mail.app is working on behalf of the user, who may (or may not) know
> absolutely when the connection is in use and for what purpose.  I wonder
> if it's possible to write an AppleScript that launches Internet Connect
> to get a dialup connection, then launches Mail.app to download mail, and
> finally disconnect the dialup connection.

Oh, absolutely - in fact I should have suggested that in my email.  By
doing so you are in effect authorizing the system to override any other
activity, if any.  I freely admit to not knowing the correct script
commands offhand, but then I don't need this functionality.  ;)

I was just responding to the OP's question of why Mail shouldn't
disconnect by itself.  When your OS becomes multi-tasking and multi-user
aware, programs need to not make assumptions that resources are
exclusively theirs; it needs to be handled by the OS, which
(theoretically) knows everything that's going on.


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