FontBook in OS X

Bruce Klutchko klutch at
Mon Apr 12 06:45:39 PDT 2004

Sometimes there are 3 copies of a font on my system ­ in the /System folder,
in the ~/System folder, and in the OS 9 Fonts folder.  When Fontbook
resolves the duplicate font problem, it seems to opt in favor of the OS9
font. Is this the best solution?

Also, if I deactivate certain fonts, when I reactivate them, the font
conflicts reappear.

Should some of the duplicate fonts be deleted, or will I eventually miss
them? (I rarely use Classic, but I sometimes need it). Also, we have
multiple users, so I¹m reluctant to remove fonts from the general /System
folder and leave them only in my user folder.

Thanks for any advice.
B R U C E  K.

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