monitor hiccup

Charles Martin chasm at
Mon Apr 12 06:54:24 PDT 2004

> From: John Park <jp at>
> Happy Easter,
> My monitor has just started to act up after many many years of use.  It
> does this thing where the screen picture starts to contract as though
> it were about to change resolution.  And then goes back to normal.
> It's been doing it about once an hour since it started.  Any thoughts?

It's dying, and it's not going to be resurrected in three days! :)

If I were you I'd make a full backup to an external HD *now.* It's not 
that your data is in any danger, but if the monitor goes you won't be 
able to see it.

You didn't say what kind of computer you have, but if you have an iMac 
or some other model where the monitor is built-in, you may have an 
option: most of those models have a spare VGA out port (on the 
underside or back of the machine) that can mirror the main screen, so 
just attach a spare external monitor and keep working.


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