[X Newbies] monitor hiccup

Vincent Cayenne vcayenne at mac.com
Mon Apr 12 08:19:45 PDT 2004

>>My monitor has just started to act up after many many years of use.

At 9:54 AM -0400 4/12/04, Charles Martin wrote:
>It's dying, and it's not going to be resurrected in three days! :)

That was *so* politically incorrect. I'm writhing here, Charles, 
biting back the laughter and hoping no one at this site asks me 
what's so funny. And I'm supposed to be serious 'cause I just walked 
in to a situation where the T1 line's been sporadic all weekend and 
is now down, while the backup DSL has had a mysterious change of IP. 
Thanks, I needed that...
'tis as said. [Reality is defined by being described]

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