[X-Newbies] G5 memory question

CP vze2rwkt at verizon.net
Thu Dec 23 05:53:11 PST 2004

Good morning folks.

I know having as much memory as possible is always best, BUT… I 
currently have 1.5 GB's and I'm wondering if more would help running 
some of the following applications, or if the system will allocate as 

G5 - 2.5GH'z

Most drawing app's
PhotoShop CS
Final Cut Pro HD
160 GB main drive
250 GB 2nd drive
External case with;

160 GB drive
120 GB drive
80 GB drive
and a second external 160 GB drive in it's own case.

Many of these, I'll have launch at the same time so… can I expect a big 
difference if I got more memory?

Oh, I'm asking because it does seems slow at times, but then again, it 
seems much slower then I thought it was going to be???


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