[X-Newbies] Re: Syquest Back Up Drives

Charles Martin chasm at mac.com
Sun Oct 10 22:00:36 PDT 2004

> From: Clive Read <cliver at mercuryin.es>
> Is there any way for me, with a 12 inch iBook with two USB connectors, 
> to
> connect to a Syquest drive, so that I can access my Backed-Up files?

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: your Syquest has a SCSI connector I believe, so your 
only hope is a SCSI-to-Firewire connector, all of which have terrible 
reputations as far as working reliably goes, but which may do the 

Another option: pick up an old beige Mac with SCSI somewhere that has a 
CD-burner either installed or attached. Transfer the files from the 
Syquest to the HD. Burn a CD of the files (which you should have done 
years ago). Insert CD in iBook. In the end this may work out cheaper 
than buying a SCSI-to-FW cord, which runs around $100.

Oh wait, here's another option: make friends with an "old-timer" at 
your local Mac User Group. They'll probably have such a machine and 
would be willing to help.


FL-MUG: central Florida's Macintosh User Group.
Meetings: second Thursday of the month, 6-9pm,
at the Orlando Science Center.

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