[X-Newbies] Re: USB2.0 to Ultra SCSI Converter

Charles Martin chasm at mac.com
Sat Apr 23 00:34:36 PDT 2005

> From: CarWesG at aol.com
> Response to Chas:
> Thanks for your answer.   My experience with Zip and Jaz seems to be
> different from yours.   I had one Zip drive that died in about 9 years 
> and only a few
> zip disks.

I actually said -- go back and read it for yourself -- "they may last 
FOR YEARS, but when they die they take the cartridge in them with em."

>    I don't use them for back-up anyway, just to transfer media for
> clients or printers.

You have clients or printers that don't use CDs? Are they Amish or 
something?? :)

> The SCSI to USB2 is around $70.

And a refurb'd USB Zip is around ... $50 (http://www.megamacs.com). And 
a CD burner is ... well, free, because you most likely already have 
one. Hard to beat, as I said last time.

>   I thought that was cheap to be able to keep
> what's working pretty well so far.

Doesn't beat FREE. You're also ignoring the fact that Iomega advises 
AGAINST using such a cable with their products ...

> Still feel the same that I should not
> bother with this old technology??
More than ever. I've never had the "click of death" from a CD or CD-RW, 
and if the client loses the copy I make them, it's pennies to replace.

Of course, it's your money, do whatever you like. But I think there's a 
REASON people have gone with CD-R/RW and DVD-R/RWs, while Iomega 
struggles to stay out of bankruptcy -- don't you?


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