[X-Newbies] Re: X-Newbies Digest, Vol 16, Issue 18

J themacintoshlady at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 26 15:07:21 PST 2005

On Dec 26, 2005, at 6:01 PM, david_elmo wrote:

> Yes, thanks Phil. I see.
> Leaving it still a bit of a mystery of how to actually add a new  
> address to the address book that no one but the user has in his or  
> her head... I did it in the end but it was not obvious and I can  
> scarcely now remember what I did. It is easier to just wait till  
> someone emails me... It ought not to be so complicated. In a way,  
> it is no use old hands thinking it is easy and logical. The test of  
> sensibleness is what would happen if 100 folk, new to Mail, were  
> asked to add an address to the address book, quick.

Did you see the directions I posted to this list?
First make sure you Addressbook APPLICATION is in your dock...
Then open it, and find the VIEW selections and set it to show all 3  
In the middle pane, you will see the plus sign at the bottom, and you  
can enter new addresses like that.
Pretty simple. But many don't know the Address book is on the dock or  
it has fallen off and they don't know where to find it.

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