[X-Newbies] Carbon Copy Clone question?

John McGibney ncicchek at optonline.net
Mon Jan 17 06:33:28 PST 2005

> On 1/17/05 10:05 AM, "Gen Hadlow Mac Impact Dbn" <ghadlow at iafrica.com>
> wrote:
>> I have a friend who is using a G5 with 2 x 160Gb hard drives. One drive is
>> his normal drive and the second is used just for backing up the first drive.
>> He used Carbon Copy Cloner to copy the first drive exactly onto the second
>> back up drive. Everything seems to be in order and there when he looks at
>> his files except that the first drive shows that there is only 9.5 Gb of
>> free space left and the second drive has 35.5Gb of free space!
>> If one goes to the system profiler it shows that the main drive is formatted
>> Journaled HFS+ and the second back up drive is only HFS+ (no Journaled)
>> Is there any explanation for this?
> First, Journaling takes up more disk space - You'd have to compare two empty
> disks when formatted, but there is a substantial difference, especially when
> the disk contains a lot of files, such as a startup volume.
> Second, CCC does not copy _everything_. It only copies what is necessary.
> Notably, it does not copy virtual memory swap files, which can be a couple
> of GB. That's not the main difference, though; I'd recommend reformatting
> the second drive to journaled, then compare the size after cloning.
> Kirk

Journaling can be turned on/off without reformatting. Several utilities like
Onyx allow this.


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