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Randy B.Singer randy at macattorney.com
Mon Oct 10 21:05:06 PDT 2005

Richard ramsowr said:

>IÕm starting a Manufacturers Representative Agency and
>was looking for some insight and directon in finding a
>good low cost, user friendly and eye catching web site
>design software tool - such as ÒRapidWeaverÓ, ÒFreeway
>ExpressÓ or ÒFreeway ProÓ - any ideals , likes or

In my experience, most ordinary users who want to create or modify a Web 
page don't want to learn, or deal with, HTML.  They want a WYSIWYG (What 
You See Is What You Get) program, similar to a word processor or page 
layout program.  There are a number of these for ordinary users, some of 
which are free!

NVU (free and open source)
Nvu is based on Gecko, the layout engine inside Mozilla; it's a 
super-fast, very reliable, standards conformant engine maintained on a 
daily basis by a wide community of developers. It supports  XML, CSS and 

RapidWeaver  was specifically designed with ease-of-use in mind, making 
it great for the average user and pro web designers rushing to meet a 
deadline.  RapidWeaver  will enable you to create a fully working web 
site in minutes. No knowledge of HTML is required.   RapidWeaver  
includes over 20 customizable web designs.

FREEWAY EXPRESS ($79), a version of the pro-level WYSIWYG program for 
ordinary users, with a simplified interface and many web site templates.

SITE STUDIO ($30) from Dot Software is a web-authoring program based on 
themes. With a single window interface, the program includes plug-ins for 
an image gallery, a weblog, a WYSIWYG editor, an HTML editor, an external 
file tool, and a hyperlink tool. It also offers two-layer web sites, 
one-click FTP and .Mac uploading, and drag-and-drop arrangement of pages. 

TUMULT HYPEREDIT ($20)  Tumult HyperEdit is a lightweight HTML editor 
with a preview pane that displays the web page live as you type. 

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