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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Jun 26 02:20:18 PDT 2005

Am 26.06.2005 um 05:12 schrieb 
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> No MOTD when i launch terminal, yet i have my aliases, that I set up
> myself, like implicitcd, 4-character tab-completion for
> directories/files, etc... same color scheme, even. How is it possible
> to be unable to locate my rc file (I use Xfile, so everything is
> 'visible' in 'my' finder), and yet have alterations that were made in
> it, on my old box, being active?
> Something is not adding up. Can I still set the PATH with setenv, or
> do i have to use EXPORT like bash?

Do 'locate init/tcsh' -- it will show you from where tcsh takes its 
settings ($HOME/Library/init/tcsh, /usr/share/init/tcsh in earlier Mac 
OS X versions too)! And there are too /etc/csh.{cshrc,login,logout}.

In tcsh path is the correct variable. It's set via 'set path=($path 
<new path> <next path>). For convenience of bash etc. a PATH variable 
is derived from path.



Remember: use logout to logout.

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