[X4U] Very Few OSX Emails...

Mary C. Youra mcyoura at ix.netcom.com
Tue Jul 27 07:35:30 PDT 2004

On Jul 27, 2004, at 1:13 AM, Ryan Duff wrote:

> Apparently there's been problems with the server that this list and a 
> few
> others is on. I was light on emails from the ibook list, osx list and 
> osx
> unix list. All are hosted at www.themacintoshguy.com . It was noted 
> today on
> the ibook list that some people received no mail last week and then got
> flooded with about 50 digests today. It's still sporadic and I haven't
> received much on this list or the osx unix list lately. I got about 20 
> or so
> emails from the ibook list today. Last week I didn't get any emails 
> from any
> of the lists for a few days straight.

I receive the digest form of this list, as well as HomeMac and iBook. 
This one seems caught up and back to normal now, since the latest 
digest contains current posts. HomeMac is back on track, too--though 
the traffic on that list is light, so it's kindof hard to tell. The 
iBook list has been the most problematic. Whereas the digest floods for 
the other lists were manageable, the iBook list is generating digests 
containing everything from 2001 on. For a few days, I received one 
digest per day, which is about right, and it took me awhile to notice 
that they contained old posts. Since Sunday evening, I've received well 
over 400 digests, I'm getting out-of-space emails from my isp, 
unsubscribing hasn't worked, nor have emails to the "real person" or 
any other address I can find. The good news is that we're now at the 
end of March 2004, so I'm hopeful that everything will soon be back on 

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