[X4U] Problem with iMac

Peter Krug pkrug at mac.com
Tue Jun 21 13:43:00 PDT 2005


Hold down the option key at startup with the CD in - do you see the  
available drives (including the CD)?  Or does it give you a little  
rectangle for a password?  One reason why a Mac would not boot from a  
CD or start in Single User mode is that the Mac has the Open Firmware  
password enabled.  If you see the password box, then it has been  
enabled.  If you see the drives, maybe you aren't pressing the keys  
early enough?  Make sure you press immediately after hearing the  
startup bong.

Hope this helps,


On Jun 21, 2005, at 3:40 PM, Michel Treisman wrote:

> Is there any  reason I don't know about  why an iMac, or Mac OS X  
> 10.3.5 should not allow Single User Mode, and not boot up on a CD?  
> What is the next step?

"I felt something, a disturbance in the network, as if a million Mac  
zealots cried out in horror and were suddenly silenced."

-- One Slashdot reader comments on Apple's switch to Intel.

Peter Krug
pkrug at mac.com

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