[X4U] Permissions Question

Jens Selvig lstnmt at bresnan.net
Sun May 10 14:00:11 PDT 2009

On May 7, 2009, at 11:26 PM, Ed Gould wrote:

> On May 5, 2009, at 5:59 PM, Jens Selvig wrote:
>> How many files do you have in the receiving folder?
> Jens I have 2500 files in the receiving folder and 100 GB free on  
> the drive

OK, the finder is a database program. When you drag files into a  
folder the finder program checks to see if there are any duplicates in  
the receiving folder. This means that if you are dragging say 100  
files the finder needs to check for the possibility of a match on your  
2500 existing files 100 times. Hence what you see as no action is just  
the finder taking a long time to do this compare. If you to wait I  
believe eventually the copy would start up.

>> Can you make a new sub folder inside the enclosing folder and will  
>> the files transfer to that folder. If your original files are on  
>> the same volume are you using the option key to create new files  
>> instead of just moving files?
> I am just attempting to merge the files into the folder. Any  
> duplicates will have to be looked at to see if they really are  
> duplicates or the name is identical. The files are on the same drive.
> I can move these files to any folder just not the one I am  
> attempting to.
>> Jens
>> On May 4, 2009, at 10:08 PM, Ed Gould wrote:
>>> I am somewhat confused. I am attempting with the finder to move  
>>> some files into a folder. When I drag and drop them nothing  
>>> happens (it doesn't happen).
>>> I look at the permissions of the files and I do have read/write on  
>>> the files and I have read/write on the folder I am attempting to  
>>> move them to.
>>> I have full access to the volume (ignore ownership).
>>> I must be overlooking something but I do not know what else to be  
>>> asking myself.
>>> I created the folder and created all the files. This is *NOT* a  
>>> new folder. If I had to guess I created it 9 years (maybe more)  
>>> ago. It was there is OS9 and with the 2 OSX upgrades and never an  
>>> issue. I was able to write to it as of May 1 , 2009 (the highest  
>>> modification date).
>>> Note this folder is a sub folder of another folder which again I  
>>> have r/w access.
>>> Can someone shed some light on why I cannot move files into the  
>>> folder?
>>> FWIW I am at 10.4.11 and am running a G5 SIlver dual with 6G of  
>>> memory and a dual 2.7 MHZ processor. I also rebooted in between to  
>>> see if there was some sort of boot issue and it seems to have  
>>> stayed and I cannot move the files (still).
>>> Ed

Jens Selvig
...Lost in Montana...

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