[X4U] 10.5 instead of 10.6

zapcat zapcat at speakeasy.net
Wed Feb 10 08:26:58 PST 2010

I find it wierd and a bit dumb if currently-shipping machines can  
ONLY load Snow Leopard, since SL simply is not production-ready yet.

For some people, perhaps, but this isn't like going from tiger to  
leopard; this is a significant under-the-hood change and lots of apps  
and tools do not work in SL.

to me it seems dumb for apple to ship a computer which is essential  
crippled to some degree until x-number of months until apps and  
drivers are updated/made to work.

Is there no way to shoehorn regular Leopard onto a new Mac?

I personally can't WAIT to be full time in Snow Leopard, but at the  
mo...just too many deficits for it to be other than a novelty.


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