[X4U] New to Snow Leopard. All fine but Limewire...

Germain_M germain_m at videotron.ca
Sat Jul 10 18:37:31 PDT 2010

Hello to the great people of this list. I've just installed Leopard on my white late 2006 iMac (2.0 ghz Intel) after a complete reformating and everything works perfectly. No crashes of Safari 5, my apps (Lightroom 2 and 3, CS2, FM 9, Elements 8, Bridge, Capture NX 2 and more) work like a charm but...Limewire. I've installed the latest version for SL and it absolutely refuses to start. Has anyone encountered this problem. Would an earlier version be the solution?

Thanks a lot. Germain.
P.S. upgrading the Ram to 2 g is for next week

iMac Intel 2.0ghz
1 gig Ram, 160 GB HD
10.6.4 français

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