[P1] Powermac4u

Fran Dollinger fran at dollingers.com
Thu May 8 07:36:19 PDT 2003

Bill Horn wrote:

> Anybody done business with these people?  URL is:  
> <http://shop.vendio.com/nwpowermac/item/569160531/index.html>.  They 
> have an excellent deal offered on a 12" Powerbook, which I ordered, 
> but have not been able to talk to the except via email.  They were 
> supposed to ship it on the 6th and send a tracking number, but since 
> that notice, I have not heard from them.  Phones are answered by a 
> machine.  I am getting a little worried about the deal and wonder if I 
> have been had for $1530.  Anybody had any experience with these people?
> Bill

Haven't done business with them but I googled them and they were 
formerly AuctionWatch. Looks like a legit 'shop-building' site but when 
I did a shop search for Powermac4U/nwpowermac/ nothing came up. Contact 
the 'mother' site...they must have a record of the shop. I'll keep digging.



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