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John johnsandiego at mac.com
Sat Jul 19 21:15:40 PDT 2003

I agree with Kunga - I like the artist listing the way it is. But, 
people always have different needs and work in different ways and mp3 
Rage works for me, too. All told, that's what is so great about 
computers, Macs, and iTunes specifically. I've always been a music 
junkie and over the years have always wanted to create playlists 
(reel-to-reel or cassette in those days) of songs I liked but the 
effort required had always been a bit too daunting. Now I have all my 
music literally at my fingertips, I can create, classify, sort, or just 
pick a song or two from here and there without having to scrounge 
through piles of CDs (and LPs).

Since iTunes, Audion and all the other players came along, I've been in 
hog heaven!

 From the sty


On Saturday, Jul 19, 2003, at 19:05 US/Pacific, Kunga wrote:

> If you mean me (Kunga) I also have a lot of those albums. But I don't 
> agree with your way of changing the tags. I like them they way they 
> are. That way when I find an artist I like, I can isolate the few 
> songs by them that I have. That's how I discovered Hybrid and Aumi 
> Hamasaki. I have individual playlists for each compilation album. I do 
> sometimes put the DJ's name in the Composer field. But I don't think 
> iPod includes reference to that in its interface. So no, I have no 
> idea what to tell you since I don't see a problem with the way it 
> works now. I mainly wish Apple would expand the iPod searching options 
> to include composers, BPM and others columns we see in the iTunes 
> interface.
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> On Saturday, July 19, 2003, at 03:34  AM, S. Moussly wrote:
>> I have a lot of DJ set CDs which include various artists. Each artist 
>> is listed in the "Artist Column". This makes the Artist Browser in 
>> iTunes and iPod very messy, since one artist can only have one song 
>> listed. I usually have to retag each track with "Artist-Track" format 
>> in the Song Name column. And change the Artist column to the 
>> composer's (DJ's) name.
>> I am not too familiar with iTunes scripts. It would be nice to have a 
>> script/software that can do that for me.
>> Konga any suggestions ;-)
>> Sam
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