[iTunes] Re: DJ Sets Tagging

S. Moussly smoussly at ebla.com.kw
Sat Jul 19 23:02:30 PDT 2003

The playlist does sound like a good idea for DJ sessions, but that  
means you have to create a playlist for each artist. And I think its a  
bit too late to retag 15GB worth of music :)

I do however recall that iPod has an option of searching through the  
composer, check in the iPod setting, it should be there. I wonder if  
you can create/add software on iPod.

On the other hand, any recommendations of good plug-ins/scripts for  


On Sunday, July 20, 2003, at 05:05 AM, Kunga wrote:

> If you mean me (Kunga) I also have a lot of those albums. But I don't  
> agree with your way of changing the tags. I like them they way they  
> are. That way when I find an artist I like, I can isolate the few  
> songs by them that I have. That's how I discovered Hybrid and Aumi  
> Hamasaki. I have individual playlists for each compilation album. I do  
> sometimes put the DJ's name in the Composer field. But I don't think  
> iPod includes reference to that in its interface. So no, I have no  
> idea what to tell you since I don't see a problem with the way it  
> works now. I mainly wish Apple would expand the iPod searching options  
> to include composers, BPM and others columns we see in the iTunes  
> interface.
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> On Saturday, July 19, 2003, at 03:34  AM, S. Moussly wrote:
>> I have a lot of DJ set CDs which include various artists. Each artist  
>> is listed in the "Artist Column". This makes the Artist Browser in  
>> iTunes and iPod very messy, since one artist can only have one song  
>> listed. I usually have to retag each track with "Artist-Track" format  
>> in the Song Name column. And change the Artist column to the  
>> composer's (DJ's) name.
>> I am not too familiar with iTunes scripts. It would be nice to have a  
>> script/software that can do that for me.
>> Konga any suggestions ;-)
>> Sam
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