[BTM] Tungsten

Christopher Allbritton callbritton at mac.com
Mon Dec 30 20:14:30 PST 2002

this was EXACTLY the same problem I was having. the only advice that 
came from the list was to reinstall Palm from the Tungsten discs. I did 
that to no avail. Sorry I have no advice, but it's nice to hear I'm not 
alone. I never did solve it, and finally settled for cradle-syncing.

best of luck,

On Monday, December 30, 2002, at 05:17  PM, Martim Weinstein wrote:

> I read some messages in the archive and saw that someone (forgot the 
> name) had problems syncing the palm with their Mac. Well: same here 
> except mine works perfectly through USB and Infrared, works perfectly 
> with the T39 (for internet, mail, WAP, SMS and everything else I throw 
> between them). The Tibook also works perfectly with the T39. The 
> problem is really the damn Tungsten. Every single time I try to sync 
> OS 10.2.3 with the Desktop instalation from the original CD that came 
> with the TT (Tungsten T) I get a Kernel panic. I've tried reinstalling 
> from the CD, reinstalling from the net, switching off conduits, 
> uninstalling iSync, shutting everything down and restarting, hard 
> resets, soft resets, disconnections and reconnections, pairings and 
> re-pairings... help... I really want to get rid of wires and line of 
> sight limitations. Any ideas?
> Oh, I almost forgot it worked once... only once. The first sync.
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