[iBook] Need Floppy Drive For iBook G3 900

Fred Stevens K2FRD k2frd at mac.com
Wed Oct 12 19:52:09 PDT 2005

Hi all--

I have some financial info on some floppies and now need to access 
that info. The floppies were made on a Mac IIvx a number of years ago 
and that machine is long gone. My 14.4" iBook G3 900 of course does 
not have a floppy drive. I've located several new external floppy 
drives at MacConnections which operate off the USB ports; they're 
reasonably priced and available, but they specify 1.44mb floppies and 
some of my oldies are 750kb or 1mb.

I also looked for floppy drives on eBay, but didn't see many and 
wasn't sure they would work in any instance.

Does anyone anticipate any problems opening these floppies on a new 
1.44mb floppy drive or any other potential problems before I order?



73 de Fred Stevens K2FRD

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